Employee Satisfaction

Satisfaction survey

  • Measurement of employee satisfaction by distributing standardized surveys among employees e.g. 15five, office vibe, culture amp.
  • Most of the time these surveys are conducted quarterly or twice a year. Some companies start very early (from 20 employees onwards), while others claim that results are only representable from a sample of 50 people onwards.


Potential Questions:

  • Furthermore, we have gathered some example questions from our portfolio companies:
    • Create 5-7 overarching dimensions with not more than 25-30 questions in total
    • Example of dimensions + questions:
    • General
      1. How long have you been with the company? (free text)
      2. Do you belong to the management team? (yes/no)
      3. How likely are you to recommend the company to a friend? (scale)
      4. Would you re-apply to your job? (yes/no)
        • If no — Why?
    • Organizational leadership
      1. How satisfied are you with the communication of the leadership team? (scale)
      2. How clear is the vision, mission, strategy? (scale)
      3. How could you help the company to achieve its goals? (free text)
    • Culture & Values
      1. How do you like the team culture? (scale)
      2. Do you feel that co-workers treat each other with respect? (scale)
      3. How valued do you feel? (scale)
      4. Do the values of the company represent the culture? (scale)
    • Office & Work Setting
      1. Are you happy with the current working set-up? (e.g. remote, hybrid, office) (scale)
        • If no — Why?
    • Benefits & Personal Development
      1. How clear is the career path? (scale)
      2. Are you able to unleash your full potential at the company? (scale)
        • If no — Why?
      3. How happy are you with the current employee benefits? (scale)
      4. What benefit is missing for you personally? (free text)
    • Final Questions
      1. What would be one thing you would change? (free text)
      2. Comments, Feedback (free text)

Presentation of results

  • Communicating the results of your employee satisfaction survey is extremely important to make employees feel valued and heard.
  • Most of our portfolio companies present the results in an all-hands meeting. Either they conduct (1) “Ask me anything”-Sessions with the founders or (2) collect the questions upfront (sometimes even anonymously) and then answer them in the meeting.