Team Diversity

Before you start to set your diversity goals, we highly recommend to take some time to define the level of diversity you would like to push / promote

Overview of different diversity dimensions:

Key Challenges:

  • Challenge I: New Hires into key positions are predominately male
    • 64% of hires into lowest management are men
    • 70% among new hires for lower management are men, 74% for middle management, 79% for top management
    • Women make up only 32% of all management hires
  • Challenge II: Promotion rungs for women break early
    • With 47% women and 53% men, we almost have an equal distribution for promotions into lowest management
  • Challenge III: Window for career opportunities are decidedly smaller for women
    • 47% of promotions go to employees between 31 and 40 years
    • 40% of management hires go to the same age group


  • Salary and career inequality reinforce one another
  • Challenges:
    • Hierarchical or Vertical Gender segregation: Men are more likely to be in leadership/management positions
    • Occupational or Horizontal segregation: Societal norms and expectations about gender roles and work-family balance shape women’s occupational and career choices
    • Parenthood: Amplifies the overall income inequality between men and women
    • Gender Pension Gap: Wage inequality has long-lasting effects right down to retirement
  • Definition: “Differences among members’ attitudes, beliefs, and values. Information about these factors is communicated through verbal and non-verbal behaviour patterns and is only learned through extended, individualized interaction”
  • IPM Methodology:


Unconscious Biases:

  • Unconscious biases are shortcuts generated by our brain based on personal experiences, stories told by others, education / upbringing, media, impact of institutions, cultural imprint, other external influences
  • Confirmation Bias: We often interpret information in such a way that it meets our expectations.
  • Mini-me Effect: We judge people who are like us more positively.
  • Double Standard Bias: We perceive identical behaviour differently

Suggested Tools:

  • Diversio helps companies to quantify experiences, uncover biases, identify solutions and track the process on D&I initiatives
  • Allie helps companies build an inclusive culture. The Slack bot helps orgs measure and improve DEI efforts through 📊 data and metrics, 📰 tips and content and 📣 anonymized feedback.